National HR Awards - Winner Profiles

Best Recruitment Campaign
Tata Consultancy Services

Organizational growth at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Canada has necessitated a quality recruitment program. And that has led to the IT company winning the national HR award for Best Recruitment Campaign.

“For us, growth is based on our employees’ contribution, so recruitment plays a very major part,” says Vivek Kawley, Toronto-based director of HR in Canada for TCS Canada, which employs 3,942 workers and is headquartered in Mumbai.

Since 2012, TCS Canada has created nearly 1,500 jobs nationwide, with recruitment efforts honing in on cultural fit.

“Our culture is very open, transparent and participatory,” he says, noting employees often push the company’s innovation agenda. “Our environment is very collaborative so people can connect and give suggestions about how we can grow as a company or as a team and take TCS to greater heights. That’s something that differentiates our hiring from a cultural perspective.”

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