National HR Awards - Winner Profiles

Venngo Healthy Workplaces Award
Niagara Casinos

About seven years ago, Niagara Casinos began to catalogue its disability costs to help create a healthier workplace and to lower benefit costs.

“We took a very holistic view of some areas that had been very siloed: health and safety, disability, and comp and benefits — they were all functioning as their own units,” says Colleen Falco, director of HR services at Niagara Casinos in Niagara Falls, Ont.

“Then, we were taking a look at a lot of the results and we said, ‘If we started focusing more on prevention and wellness, we might be able to impact disability claims; maybe even impact our prescription and health-care costs.’”

So, the company began a healthy workplace effort with a budget of less than $20,000, she says, “but by leveraging a lot of our existing vendors, whether it’s our insurer or our third-party providers, (we were) getting some ideas around what we can do differently.” 

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